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Welcome to the main page documenting our trip to the Seychelles. Becca and I visited in early October 2017, staying on the island of Praslin as well as taking day trips to Curieuse, St Pierre, Cousin and La Digue Islands. Below you will find details of where we stayed, where we visited and the wildlife we saw whilst we were here. Hopefully you will find this useful if you’re planning your own trip, or will just enjoy reading about our adventure. If you need any advice or want some help planning a trip of your own just add a comment or send me a message through the contacts page.

Map of Our Trip to the Seychelles (click for articles)


Our Trip to Praslin Island, Seychelles


La Digue Port

La Digue Harbour


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  • Anse Kerlan Beach Chalets
    • A fantastically run set of two private chalets booked through Airbnb. Owned by the wonderful Tatiana and Pascal they are set on an almost private beach about 5 minutes drive from the airport

Grand Anse Beach – The Seychelles


  • La Buse Restaurant – Great creole food, worth it just for the idyllic views over Baie St Anne
  • Coco Rouge – Tasty creole takeaway at the side of the road in Baie St Anne
  • Gala Takeaway –  Lovingly made creole food at affordable prices on La Digue island
  • Da Luca Gelateria – Good pizza, great cocktails, incredible desserts!
  • Paradisier Restaurant – The tastiest food we had on our trip but slightly more expensive. Treat yourself!
  • Breeze Garden Takeaway – Great creole food at really cheap prices in Grand Anse


  • We visited for 12 nights through late September and early October 2017
  • The weather reached a high of 30 degrees in the day and a low of 26 degrees at night! As with a lot of islands the Seychelles can cloud over very quickly but it still remains incredibly warm.
  • Humidity was over 70% for our entire trip, even higher away from the coast.

Seychelles Temperature and Rainfall Chart

Curieuse Island

Mangrove Forests – Curieuse Island



  • AIRLINE: Emirates/Air Seychelles
  • COST: £1,416 for main flights, £180 for island hopping flights


There is a full article giving more information on our flights and car hire here.






Seychelles Travel Information

LOCATION The Seychelles are a group of 115 Islands about 1,000 miles off the east coast of Africa and north of Madagascar.

POPULATION The population of the Seychelles is around 95,000 with nearly 250,000 tourists visiting every year.

TIME DIFFERENCE The Seychelles is GMT +4.

THE FLAG 500px Flag of Seychelles svg The flag of the Seychelles is one of the most unique in the world with the colours radiating from the bottom left hand corner in an unusual pattern. It is the third flag used by the country since its independence from Britain in 1976 and had been officially in use since 8th January 1996. The bands symbolise a ‘dynamic new country moving into the future’. Blue for the sea and sky, yellow for the sun, red for the people, white for justice and social harmony and green for the land.


Three main languages are spoken on the islands. Most people use English with tourists, French tends to be the language of business and Creole spoken in the home or socially.


The official currency is the Seychelles Rupee which at the time of writing was about 18 to the Pound. Pounds, Euros and Dollars seemed to be widely accepted on the island with all change being given in the local currency of the Rupee. The Euro was the second most common currency and could be used to book most big excursions. Smaller shops, restaurants and petrol stations only accepted Rupees and many did not have card machines so make sure you keep cash with you at all times. Click Here for current conversion rates. COSTS 

  • Tipping is not generally expected here.

Costs felt pretty high in the Seychelles. The price of some things can be kept down, especially food by going self-catering and buying for yourself or using some of the amazing creole takeaways (see the section on where we ate whilst on the Praslin). Keep an eye on prices in supermarkets as some things are far more expensive than in England (onions and milk for example) whereas others are much cheaper (coconuts, fresh fish!). I imagine this is just down to import costs. There is also big variance between supermarkets. We saw one bottle of rum at 280Rs for 500ml in one supermarket and the same brand at 270Rs for 700ml just up the road. Eating out can be expensive as can excursions to other islands.  Below are some ideas of costs:

  • Full day excursion to another island with lunch and snorkelling (per person): €90 (£80)
  • Car rental (per day): €40 (£35)
  • Creole food takeaway: 80Rs per dish (£4.50)
  • Bottle of average wine in local supermarkets: 150 Rs (£8.30)
  • 1 onion: 16Rs (88p)
  • 1 coconut: 10Rs (55p)
  • 1l bottle of UHT milk: 42 Rs (£2.30)


  • Cars drive on the left hand side
  • Speed limit on Praslin is 40 km/h
  • Driving license from country of residence is valid for up to 3 months
  • The drink drive limit is 0.08 % of blood alcohol content, exactly the same as in the UK
  • The number plates are pretty cool (ahem!), just an S with up to 5 digits on IE S12345. People can keep them and re register though, so enjoyed spotting the lowest number. We got down to one with 2 digits! If you were wondering (which I’m sure you were!) the red backed plates are government issues vehicles


Plugs are the square pin British style.



  • Tap water is safe to drink unless there has been a recent cyclone when the sanitation system can take a few days to catch up. We just bought a 1 litre bottle each and kept refilling without any problems.



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