Bemmy R is my alter ego; the musician and writer.

A Spelling Mistake is Born.

Many years ago now a friend of mine ran a pub in Abingdon. It was the centre of everything for our friends, kind of like Cheers but with more Disco Tex. One summer the pub brought in a golf machine which kept us occupied for hours. It looked like a standard arcade machine but with a ball which when you spun the shot was taken.

One fateful Sunday evening I nailed the perfect round; distance, accuracy, finesse on the putting green. I had made it, top of the leaderboard. Those three letters would make me a legend! ‘B’ enter, ‘E’ enter, ‘M’ enter. What!? Through a combined over intake of Guinness and lack of concentration, I’d spun the dial too far. BEM sat at the top of the leaderboard taunting me.

My friends never let me forget, and Bemmy R (along with a unique Google Search) was born.


When asked to describe my music I’d say it sits somewhere with folk, pop, indie and blues depending on what mood I’m in. It is all recorded at home so will sometimes sound pretty raw and low budget but it is completely authentic. No special tricks here, just me playing or programming every sound you here. Whilst the tune is important, for me it is matched by the lyrics. I want to hear stories run through songs and words that get me thinking.

Before Bemmy R came on the scene, I’ve spent my whole life playing in bands. I started playing Oasis covers in pubs, through jazz bands, Indie rock, and then some time playing with the sensational Le Vens.

I work hard for everything I put down on tape. I want some meaning in the lyrics and some soul in the music.

It ain’t ever perfect, I record this stuff at home, in whatever time I can find alongside my day job.

But it is the best I can possibly make it and contains more of me than anything else I do in life.

Where To find Bemmy R?

You can find my music on pretty much any site you use:

I also have a store at Nimbit Music which has some great collaborations with Harry Nadin.


Home Studio

I record all of my music at my home studio.

If you want to see a bit more then link through to my studio page here.