Along The Way – EP



Written and recorded across late 2009 and early 2010 ‘Along The Way’ tells the story of a whirlwind four-week romance. Inspired by a story in the paper about a couple who had known each other for years from a distance but then met, got together, got married and then divorced all with the same month.

In ‘What If We Do?’ we hear them meeting for the first time in years. Written from the guy’s perspective we hear him summoning up the courage to ask her for a dance. It takes us through the first part of their time together in a bit of a dream like state and then snaps back into the present.

‘Strange but Beautiful’ is when they start to open up having admired each other from afar for a while. They’ve fallen for each and are having some fun

’28 Days’ shows the fractures starting to form with with the couple fighting and breaking apart. The ‘bitter pill’ of divorce is on the cards.

In ‘Along The Way’ we see it crashing down around them, the excitement gone it fizzles away and they put it down to experience.

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Track List


1) Along The Way

All this emotion,
This is dangerous,
This is raw as hell.
We never did much like talking,
But we tried it,
And it’s just as well.

Bring me back now bring me back to love.
I’m tired of worshiping unknowns above.
Let’s just hope, and maybe we’ll see
I don’t know you, you don’t know me.
Let’s just hope we learned something along the way.

All this picking up of pieces,
This is tiresome,
What can I say?
I never could quite stand the tears,
But you try it now,
And I turn away.

Throw me back now, throw me into love.
Teach me something I’ve never been quite sure of.
Perhaps you know and maybe we’ll see,
Maybe I know, maybe you knew me.
Let’s just hold out to learn something along the way.

2) 28 Days

28 days, is a great time to judge,
With time to think, and hindsight on your side,
But the strength of men, is not decided in the news,
You gotta do now, or forever locked away.

She grabs his hand, easy to get lost in the crowd,
But maybe he, had planned it all that way,
There’s no loss, the mistake has not yet hit,
If only he, had walked off long ago.

Break it now, go and see if I care,
I’ll capture it all, they’ll only hear the truth,
A message will arrive, greeted will joy but still discard,
A bitter pill, swallowed with no conviction or pride.

3) Strange but Beautiful

Make me wrong, just don’t make me right,
Take my heart out into the night,
Give me two words I can shout about,
Something I can really go on about.
I wanna hear what you think of me,
In plain old fashioned A-Z,
Come on pour you heart out girl,
Come on sing those words out girl.
She said you’re strange and you’re beautiful

I think you’re strange but you’re beautiful.

Oh I weren’t really expecting it,
Beautiful’s good, but strange is shit,
I can’t hurt you for being honest though,
I suppose I’d better be honest though.
I’ve held it back for many years,
Whilst all this madness dissapears,
I think you’re strange but you’re beautiful

I think you’re strange but you’re beautiful.

4) What If We Do?

A glance a blow a moment in the street.
We gotta get out of here we’re drawing too much heat.
And what if we do….

Are you gonna take a chance, are you gonna run and hide?
Come on place your bets it’ll be worth it for the ride
Hey what if we do…..

Run away with me leave the slow ones in the dust,
Try and leave the past behind but you can bring it if you must
What if we do…..

An hour can last a long time I know that to be true.
I think we left it too long, are we gonna make it through?
Hey what if we do….

Do you think you can help me turn this thing around?
We’re heading South too fast gonna run this ship aground
So what if we do….

You think there’s a light at the end? You think it’s burning bright?
Do you think it’s coming up fast or is it out or sight
So what if we do……..

Do you think it’s gone away do you think it’s gonna pass?
I’ve been ahead to long to finish this in last.
But what if we do….

I think I’ve missed the boat I come out of my trance.
Too much thought involved I was only gonna ask you for a dance.
Hey what if we do….

Just me and you….

If only I knew what to say