I love Reddit (you can find me @BemmyR). It’s like the world’s biggest forum with SubReddits for every category you can think of.

But which ones are the best for travel SubReddits? Below are my favourite:

Travel Subreddit: r/travel banner

It’s an obvious place to start but the r/travel SubReddit is the hub for travel on Reddit. with over 600,000 members at the time of writing there is a big community to call on.

They have travel city or country of the week where they ask for the communities experience of a place which quickly turns into an incredible guide to a destination. These then get archived in the ‘topic of the week wiki‘ and become and invaluable tool for travellers.

They have loads of guides and FAQs in the sidebars and on the rules page, loads of amazing information to keep us travellers interested.

Travel SubReddit: r/shoestringr/shoestring is the perfect travel SubReddit if you’re on a budget. They describe themselves as “a resource for those planning a trip on a shoestring budget. Whether you want to cheaply travel to a destination you already have in mind, or brainstorm your next frugal vacation, we hope this website will help you plan an affordable and amazing vacation.”

Post up your destination, budget and plans and the community will give you advice on your plans whilst trying to keep you from going bankrupt!

Travel SubReddit: r/mapporn

If you’re like me and alot of travellers I know, you’ll love maps. They bring back trips I’ve been on or set my mind racing with future plans.

If that sounds like you then r/mapporn is a travel SubReddit for you!

They have maps of everything you can think of; historical empires, tallest buildings in the world, languages spoken, life expectancy, Columbus’s travels and even just beautiful maps of the worlds itself.

And if none of this is what you are looking for there is even a ‘weekly map request‘ thread to get you what you need!

Travel Subreddit: r/solotravel

If you are a solo traveller r/solotravel is perfect, but if not this is still a really useful travel SubReddit to be part of.

With just under 100,000 members at the time of writing the advice from the community is fantastic. There are so many great threads I find myself constantly copying and pasting reminders into Evernote for future trips.

There is also a weekly post giving you the opportunity to meet up with fellow travellers to make your solo trip a little less lonely.

It really is as simple as it sounds.

r/travelphotos is for two things.

  1. Sharing your amazing travel photos
  2. Being jealous of (or feeling inspired by!) other people’s photos

Travel SubReddit: r/digitalnomad

r/digitalnomad is a community of people who use their digital skills to allow them to travel or live abroad. 

It has great threads running about learning digital skills, finding remote working jobs and answers questions about what it’s like to live in certain destinations.

For many people constant travel is the dream, if so this is the travel SubReddit for you.